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8 Mushroom Extract Blend - +/- 1 ounce

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Each pouch contains +/- 1 ounce of mushroom extract powder

Recommended: 1 gram per day, added to your tea, shake, coffee or food.

Mushrooms included in this blend:

CHAGA= Immune System 

CORDYCEPS= immune System 

SHIiTAKI = immune System 

Reishi= Mental & physical boost. 

Lions Mane= mental energy and focus 

Turkey tail= Gut health & Lung function. 

PORIA=beautiful skin and ligaments 

Tremella= clear skin & lung function.

Tremella 1:1

Chaga 7:1

Poria 1:1

Lion's Mane 8:1

Turkey Tail 8:1

Cordyceps 8:1

Reishi 16:1

Shitake 7:1