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10 Mushroom Complete Business Kit - By the KILO

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Your business kit includes everything you need to get started selling mushrooms! TERPS' mushroom extract powders are among the best in the world, so we're proud to share them near and far! Your kit includes:
  • 1 kilo (2.2 pounds) each of our 10 mushroom extracts:
  • 350 mylar pouches that hold 1-2 ounces powder
  • 350 labels, with 35 labels per mushroom
  • 350 1/32 tsp scoops to include with each pouch for proper serving size
  • Access to our password protected page for distributers only, where you will find:

    • PDF files of the mushroom benefits overview, suitable for printing any size for your customers or mushroom display
    • PDF files of all the mushroom labels so you can print your own
    • Links to resources for reordering supplies (mylar pouches, scoops, etc.)
    • Science research and other resources to help you in your learning and sharing of the mushrooms
    • educational videos 
    • Access to our Facebook group where you can meet other distributers and have conversations around your mushroom business