About Us

We are a product of our story.

Embracing the sharing is caring model. We find it's very valuable in our community to share the basics of a simple cup of tea. When we take into consideration what we put inside, our bodies reflect how well we optimize the vessel that we are born in. To have a successful, peaceful, pain-free life, we Trust Earth Real Plant Science.

The value of food--not just any food, but real food--is a game changer. We honestly feel it's important that everyone have access to real food. You should not be lucky in order to have access to natural therapeutic wellness. With respect to the garden, we all deserve our basic rights in plant use.

We at TERPS teach DIY sustainability to those who desire to make their own edibles and topicals. The ORGANIC foods we offer achieve edibles and topicals. The beauty behind TERPS Tea brings us closer to achieving a basic human plant birthright. 

Access to therapeutic plants in America has been in prohibition until 2018. We rejoice with the legalization of hemp. Thank you for following the science and thank you for taking advantage of the most basic fundamental right we all deserve.

One cup of tea at a time...together we will evolve into our optimal selves.